What If Your Office Operated Like A High-End Hotel? A New Take on Workplace Perks


Once a trend reserved for Silicon Valley startups, creative employee perks have moved into the mainstream, becoming a key strategy used by companies of all types to attract and retain top talent.

Nevertheless, even when workplaces offer perks like free gym access, yoga classes and nap stations, many employees still end up working late hours before pulling a “second shift” at home—running through a secondary list of after-hours tasks such as stopping at the grocery store, arranging dinner or picking up the dry cleaning.

But what if offices operated more like a high-end hotel, with a concierge available to cut down on all those tedious but necessary chores after a long day at work?

CBRE Masonic Temple - Option 2 - West View.jpg

Artist rendering of the Glendale, Calif., Masonic Temple restoration.

A new project in Glendale, Calif., does just that. In partnership with CBRE, Caruso Affiliated is taking a unique, hospitality-minded approach to the workplace by restoring a nine-story Masonic Temple to create a mixed-use complex that will incorporate creative office space with room for retail and restaurants.

Now you are ready to go home and spend time with your family and kids. What we are doing is giving back time.

Developer Rick Caruso says the forward-thinking approach to the workspace shows employees they are the most valuable asset of a company.

“You want somebody to do your grocery shopping? Our hospitality team will hold them in a refrigerated area, and when you are ready to leave, our valet will put the groceries in the trunk of your freshly washed car together with your dry cleaning,” says Caruso.

“Now you are ready to go home and spend time with your family and kids. What we are doing is giving back time.” 

The Masonic Temple space will be a 100 percent paperless environment with a focus on collaborative spaces and mobile technology. The property’s hospitality staff will be able to assist with a wide variety of tasks, including arranging in-office dining for employee and client meetings, making theater reservations, curating events and providing language services, among other things.

“All of us have a second shift no matter what stage of life we’re in. Our days start early and go well into the evening,” Caruso says.

“What we’re trying to do is cut down on the chores you have to do after your day job is done so you can get home sooner and spend more time with your family.”



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